What Moves You?

For every one of us who refuses to be made ‘comfortably numb’ (yes, nods to Pink Floyd) — by overwork, by substances, by consumerism, by social media, by television, by gaming or whatever else — there is at least one thing that truly moves us. That thing that brings us back to our core and sparks in us that sensation of freedom and promise and shiny newness that is the natural habitat of young children. That something that distills the essence of what it is to be alive and aware: it dissolves our ruminations on the past and extinguishes our fantasies for the future and parks us squarely in the present moment. And reminds us that we are not hamsters on wheels but are instead gifted with purpose even if we aren’t quite sure how to articulate that purpose.

What generates that spark in you? Is it something that has evolved over time and are you able to recreate the conditions necessary to generate that spark? Are these moments spontaneous, a ‘bolt out of the blue’? Do they present themselves as a part of a spiritual practice or creative endeavor? Do these moments require solitude and contemplation? Or are they a part of something ecstatic, be it music or dance or sex?


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