Bon Voyage, Shirley Temple…

That amazingly talented gal who grew from America’s sweetheart into a legend and wasn’t consumed by it, Shirley Temple Black, has passed at the age of 85.

I remember watching her films throughout my childhood. I grew up with my mother and her parents, who had weathered the Great Depression, so I had a certain appreciation for the magnitude of her contribution during such tumultuous and uncertain times. Winsome dimples and curls, genuine sweetness and talent, and a bubbly personality are medicine when economic collapse, hunger, poverty and the stirrings of war are the day’s news.

She had the good sense to leave acting behind when it no longer served her and lived life on her terms — as a wife, a mother, a diplomat, an activist, and an altogether pretty savvy, compassionate and intelligent role model for women the world over.

Even today, I sometimes find myself humming, On the Good Ship, Lollipop, when tidying the bungalow.

Truly, a woman to celebrate. She had a pragmatic, upbeat fearlessness about her. And those are qualities worth emulating.

Shirley: you will be missed!


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