The pyromaniac resists…

I recently took a stroll amidst my early poesy.
Suffice it to say that I expended no small effort in extinguishing the impulse to set fire to most of it. Reason I’m keeping it? To remind myself that we all get better at what we do. And so that my children can see that (1) their mother is secure enough in herself to preserve some measure of transparency; and (2) that if they decide to pursue some creative outlet, they shouldn’t let themselves be shamed by early efforts because we all go through the same process of angst, self-discovery, ego gratification, self-mortification, etc..


breathe deep

breathe deep
sky on fire
orange bleeds to rose
lavender below
breathe deep
rising wind stirs trees
transits through you
transforms mood
breathe deep
of fresh cold
surprisingly welcome
even if Spring is on hold.

What I’m doing in my parallel universes…

Taking from the oven a fresh batch of croissants to enjoy with a wonderful French Roast from my coffee press.

Puttering about in my potting shed, making preparations to start my new herb garden.

Sanding off the old finish on a dresser that I am restoring…leaning nautically towards a nice seafoam green contrasted with antique bronze.

Hacking into Jacques Pépin’s private recipe stash.

Strolling through the marketplace, admiring the bolts of brilliant-hued fabrics and thinking it might be time for a new sari (or three).

Searching my massive (it has its own ladder!) and enviably well-stocked library for that perfect book to enjoy alongside a toasty fire on this stormy afternoon.

In the midst of a heated debate with the Man in Residence over what is better: crépes or pancakes.

Answering some rawther uncomfortable questions put to me by the management of The Plaza about my inadequate efforts at containing that cockatoo that’s been keeping me company.

Losing (terribly) at Skat.

And what are YOU doing in YOUR parallel universes?


illumination and darkness
midnight and noon
whatever the mood
the shadow cast
a faithful companion
always in tandem
pursued and pursuer
each step each breath

inspiration is everywhere
seed idea germinates
like sand populates beaches
mad run to meet the water
insistent tide of words
fevered churning
crashing onto the page
everything else abandoned

creative lust demands
time and space and release
thoughts get burnished
hot words glow ink flows
familiar heady rush comes
satisfied smile blooms
that ache in your fingers earned
another notch for the ego and yet…

relentless the tide
siren summoning
countless mad runs to meet the water.

this day

these are the golden days
the ones you waited for
anticipated in hope or trepidation
exaggerated in your imagination
step back. take it in. immerse.
soak in the bath that is this day
for there will never be another like it.

About the International Women’s Day Google Doodle

Is it just me, or does anyone else see the resemblance to a pack of contraceptive pills (Ortho Novum 777, anyone) in today’s Google Doodle? [1]

Click on the center ‘play’ button of Google’s doodle in honor of International Women’s Day (March 8th) and the “pills” spin around. Underneath the Google name, 26 little Venus symbols shimmy. If they’d have thought to add two more, they’d have the complete pack represented, all spilled out.

Is there, perhaps, an (ahem) unintended suggestion here that the Pill, which turned 50 in 2010, plays the predominant role in the advancement of women? Take it a step further, and one can extrapolate that all those happy little Venus symbols are there to suggest that women should be overjoyed at their contraceptive options and the expansion of life choices they seem to engender.

But do current contraceptive options do anything to resolve the core issue, namely, that women overwhelmingly take sole responsibility in matters of conception and contraception? [2]

As women are the ones who gestate and birth the babies, we will always have the larger stake in this. Even so, equity could use a little shove, because the advent of an effective and relatively safe oral contraceptive for men would make a lot of women shimmy like those little Venus symbols on Google’s Doodle. Interestingly, pharmaceutical companies are still working on that one. Just like they’re working on a female-only version of Viagra. Hmmm….

[1] [accessed 3-07-2014]

[2] and [both accessed 3-07-2014].

whatever it is you do

whatever it is you do,

first do it for yourself

and in such a way

as to honor your gifts.

and then the work you do

bears the love you have

for yourself and the honor, too…

downstairs or across miles

and paints with a golden hue

all whom you touch.