Time (uninterrupted)…

I’m indulging in a guilty pleasure of mine. No, it’s not ice cream or chocolate. It’s time to myself! It’s 7:03 and the house is quiet, everyone else still asleep. And uninterrupted time to write is absolutely thrilling. Yes, I know it is essential, too. But when you have children, well…it’s a luxury!

Beside me is my cup of tea
And on my thighs my laptop heats.
Oh, this quiet is a rarity!
So I must type fast before it’s over.

What pleasure do you get to indulge in when the day has just begun and no one is yet making demands on your time and attention?


3 thoughts on “Time (uninterrupted)…

  1. anna mosca says:

    When the house is full, I escape, literally, for early morning walks, with a good relaxing tape in my ears…

    • Me, too, sometimes…especially when the weather gets too warm to walk in the afternoons! It is so peaceful when the only other faces you meet are birds and squirrels. 😉

  2. Hope you got every minute’s worth out of this time. =)

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