An observation…

You read, you contemplate, you read some more. You seek solitude, meditate and ponder. You journal or make music or travel or take walks in Nature. You ask questions, of yourself and others. You listen to and digest the answers. And at some point you push past the fear of small things and step across the border of the familiar and constricted into the territory of vast possibility. You become captain of your own spiritual destiny.

At its core, the process is much the same for everyone whose mind and heart hunger for wide-open spiritual spaces. The first tentative steps often involve explorations of the spirituality section of the nearest bookstore, or navigating the Internet with a barrage of carefully worded search parameters. This is sometimes followed by brave conversations with people who engender a feeling of trust with deeply personal spiritual searching. And through it all is a gradual releasing of those constraints that dogma, inherited or adopted, have woven through one’s life.

From where does that feeling of freedom come, the freedom to unfetter yourself and embark on your own path? So many individuals, when relating their experiences in moving from Religion to a spirituality of their own, note that the pivotal moment in their journey came when they were told by someone whose opinion they valued that this freedom was theirs. THAT was THE revelation!

Where did any of us get the idea that we DIDN’T have that freedom?

That initial thrill of possibility was a rebellion of sorts; indeed, many of us recall that feeling of having our hand in the cosmological cookie jar and the disapproval we were courting by breaking new ground for ourselves. In truth, the fact that we evolved to that point should have been the genesis of that thrill, and not the stumbling upon an opinion that gave tacit approval for what is a natural and desirable outgrowth of maturity.

So for all of you who have been waiting for permission to be captains of your own spiritual destiny, here it is: GET TO IT, ALREADY!


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