this day

these are the golden days
the ones you waited for
anticipated in hope or trepidation
exaggerated in your imagination
step back. take it in. immerse.
soak in the bath that is this day
for there will never be another like it.


5 thoughts on “this day

  1. vonzex says:

    Not much to do with the poem, but would you happen to be a pagan?

    • Indeed, yes. I outed myself on my blog. (No point in talking about authenticity unless I am willing to walk authenticity!)

      • vonzex says:

        I thought so, which branch of paganism? It’s a beautiful way to live.

      • I am a solitary eclectic Witch, incorporating facets of several traditions including Wicca and particularly called to Goddess-centered spiritual expression. And you?

      • vonzex says:

        I’m not sure what I’d call it, but given it’s unstructured, eclectic would be the world I’d use as well. I try take a grass roots approach and attempt to celebrate the wheel of the years as it once was.

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