What I’m doing in my parallel universes…

Taking from the oven a fresh batch of croissants to enjoy with a wonderful French Roast from my coffee press.

Puttering about in my potting shed, making preparations to start my new herb garden.

Sanding off the old finish on a dresser that I am restoring…leaning nautically towards a nice seafoam green contrasted with antique bronze.

Hacking into Jacques Pépin’s private recipe stash.

Strolling through the marketplace, admiring the bolts of brilliant-hued fabrics and thinking it might be time for a new sari (or three).

Searching my massive (it has its own ladder!) and enviably well-stocked library for that perfect book to enjoy alongside a toasty fire on this stormy afternoon.

In the midst of a heated debate with the Man in Residence over what is better: crépes or pancakes.

Answering some rawther uncomfortable questions put to me by the management of The Plaza about my inadequate efforts at containing that cockatoo that’s been keeping me company.

Losing (terribly) at Skat.

And what are YOU doing in YOUR parallel universes?


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