for Bill

how to encapsulate all that was,
all that might have been?
funny how a life is partitioned
by the arrival and departure
of those whom we dearly love.
we trudge on, ignorant and lonely.
like the mountainous dunes of sand
eclipse the view of the oasis,
we are lost, aren’t we, blind
until love arrives and quenches
more than our thirst,
offers up our own heart
so that we may see our true worth.
the echoes of you are boundless.
through memory and blood, and
the laughter of your children;
in a whisper, a sigh, a song,
and perpetually present
in the tears i have yet to cry.


[In honor of] NaPoWriMo

Now is the moment to begin, to reflect,
and chart a course for peak
Poetic expression. With intense interest
observe all that surrounds you.
Wake up the senses; inscribe
raw impressions as they surface
in mind and heart; find your true voice.
Make music with words
of exquisite delicacy and keen insight.