It’s been awhile…

Nearly a month has passed since my last post. I want to extend warm and sincere thanks to those who have been reading — or waiting to read, as the case may be — and to those who have commented and followed. I truly do appreciate you!

Does any blogger ever intend to post erratically?

I’ve been especially busy, due in large part to returning to school. I never finished my undergraduate degree and now I am trying to do so through an online university. Getting back into the swing of college after an eighteen year hiatus and amidst young children, a small business, and everything ‘domestic’ is an education in itself.

My degree program has changed, too. I am one to deliberate over every word and sentence. That’s the natural province of an English major and now I’m a Psychology major. For a host of reasons, I must admit that I miss being an English major; and it was, if you can believe it, easier because literature has always been my refuge.

Never mind that BS degrees are the online thing and I was going for the BA; it’s simple fiscal responsibility to change my major. So here I am, incurring the obligatory student loan debt again (ick!) in hopes that I can fashion for myself a professional career that is beneficial to others and myself, and challenges me to be the best human being that I can be. But I am still first a writer, and in the meantime, WordPress and all of you are something of a refuge, too. It gives me great pleasure to every now and again write something here. And hopefully what I write will always resonate with someone.

After all…we all want to resonate with someone.